About Me

Kristina Cofone, LCSW

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New Jersey, and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Providence College in Rhode Island. Thereafter I continued my education at the Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work. Upon graduating from the program, I obtained my Masters in Clinical Social Work with a concentration in violence against women and children. My professional experience is in the field of mental health services.

M.A. in Social Work

Throughout my career and training, I have supported a variety of clients who have struggled with numerous obstacles. While operating as a therapist in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, I have helped my clients to learn the coping skills and tools they need to overcome anxiety, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, family conflict & much more. These professional experiences have allowed me to grow clinically and expand my knowledge base, learning cutting edge therapeutic intervention which best serve my client’s needs.

Clinical Approaches

Include but are not limited to:


Upon entering therapy, my clinical approach is tailored to meet each individual’s needs. There is not a cookie cutter person, thus, there is no cookie cutter approach to therapy. I try to work from an eclectic approach, incorporating a multitude of therapeutic modalities and backgrounds so as to assist my clients in meeting their treatment goals. I generally incorporate cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, person centered, strengths based, solution focused therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing strategies when clinically appropriate into each session.

My clients and I will identify struggles, develop empowerment strategies and strengths to improve quality of life. In a non judgmental and supportive environment, one can feel safe to explore encountered problems.

Although we may strive for perfection, no one is perfect and we are all a work in progress. I welcome my clients with an open mind to listen to all of their concerns and answer any questions they may have. It is my hope that individual sessions will involve increasing knowledge about mental illness, set realistic and attainable goals, find internal motivation, make healthy choices aimed towards recovery and develop healthier habits of coping. I am here to help!


“Kristina is one of the most helpful, and understanding clinicians you can ever meet. Her sweet exterior naturally gives you a welcomed vibe. She’ll keep you entertained, tended to and most of all accepted.”

“Kristina is enthusiastic and optimistic. I met her when I was feeling down and depressed. She helped me work through both my worries and anxiety. Her positive attitude helped me work through some of my troubles. I felt comfortable sharing anything with her.”